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Dear Potential Coaches:

I would like to thank you for volunteering as a coach or assistant coach with the Tracy Youth Soccer League.  Without support from parents and the community we would not be able to achieve a safe and fun environment for the kids to play.  In order to be selected as a TYSL coach you must complete a background check and live scan.  If selected, you will then need to attend a mandatory “rules” meeting.  
Please see the following.  

1)      Every coach and assistant coach must have a background check completed with a live scan. If you have previously coached with TYSL and have completed the background check, then you will not need to do this.  If you have not had this completed through TYSL before, then you will need to do one of the following:
a. Have your live scan completed at one of the two TYSL held events.
i. 1st) 10am – 1pm,  April 12th, Wanda Hirsch Elementary School
ii. 2nd) 2pm – 4pm, June 28, Tracy Transit Station Room #104
b. Have the live scan completed elsewhere at your convenience

2)     Attend the Mandatory Coaches and Game Rules meeting with a brief referee overview on Friday, July 18, 6PM – 9pm at the Tracy Community Center.  During this time we will talk about any TYSL specific rules, including the number of players on the field, approved equipment, and coaching ethics and responsibilities.  Also, we will have a referee trainer to review the basic rules of the game of soccer.  You must attend this meeting in order to pick up your roster.

3) Equipment pickup will be Saturday, July 19, from 9:00 to 12:00 at Plascencia Fields, that you will be given your balls, and goalie shirt.  We will review any concerns or question that you may have and hand out information regarding Mini Season that will take place right after the regular season is completed.

4) During the Equipment pickup we will have a Coaches Clinic going on.  This is for all coaches no matter how long you have been playing / coaching soccer so please stop by.

Once again I would like to thank you for volunteering to coach and look forward to a fun and successful season for all.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to send me an email at

Thank you,
Scott Ebert
TYSL Coach Coordinator


All coaching staff must complete a Finger Print Scan along with completing a 1650 form, if not done then will not be allowed to coach until done.

The contact for TYSL Under 6 coordinator is Steve Cox --
The contact for TYSL U7 - COED Coach Coordinator is Scott Ebert -- 

For registration information/questions -- email Darlene @

NOTE: Game Schedules and Coaches'passes along with final rosters will be available at Day on the Green

If you couldn't make the meeting, contact your coaching coordinator to make arrangements to receive your roster and equipment.  Thanks


You must have a current permit (In HAND) to practice at any school in Tracy.  
If you do not, you must practice at a city park--no exceptions.  

Here's a copy of the City Permit requirements.  2011 Facility Use Permit Required Letter  

Permit Downloads 

2013 Bohn Permit (click here)

Coaches please read  "Rules of Play".

All team officials should have a copy of TYSL Rules along with the CYSA-N Team Manual. Please read page #60 Section D i-vi and along with pages 134-135. This covers the techinical area along with Spectator viewing line. There is no way around it and it will be enforced by TYSL Board and the referees. Coaches you are responsible for your coaching staff staff along with parents/spectators. 

TYSL COED Playing Rule September 10
th, 2012

There must be a MINIMUM OF THREE GIRLS AT ALL TIMES ON THE FIELD. If a team is unable to field a minimum of three female players, they may NOT substitute a male player for a female player, they will be play short one player unless BOTH teams are in agreement to play with a male substitute. If BOTH teams cannot agree on this then it defaults back to the mandatory minimum of three girls on the field and that team that is unable to field three females will play short players for that game.


  1. Your teams may practice at any public (non permit) Tracy park.  The following link provides a list of Tracy parks   Remember it is first come, first served but when space is limited try and work together for the benefit of the kids.
  2. Here's some suggested practice ideas that can help to build technical soccer skills for your team.  Consider running each for about 15 or 20 minutes over several practices.  Soccer Practice Drills

Coaches: If anyone is injured while participating in a TYSL practice or game, you as the coach must fill out the following form and send to the CYSA address listedThanks

Field Hotline
Latest status on field closures call 
Tracy Field Hotline -- 831-4222 

Tracy Press Game Stats
The Tracy Press has provided a online link to allow you (the coach) to place the game scores and statistics for your team in the local news paper.  Click the following url to access -->

If you have any questions on TYSL coaching, Please call 209 830-0599 or email

TYSL Game Schedules, Stats, Locations

TYSL Coaching Reference Guide (Click Here)
(last updated 10/19/09)

TYSL Additional Coaching Information (Click Here)
(last updated 10/19/09)

TYSL Game Rules 2013  
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TYSL COED Game Rules 2012 (Click Here)
TYSL Coaching Classes
Additional information about coaching classes outside of Tracy can be found on the District 8 Website at   


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