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TYSL has adopted a NO HEADER RULE for U14 division and under.  Meaning only COED teams will be allowed to head balls in TYSL recreational games. 

For the 2016 season, we are offering a $25 discount on player registrations if you are signing up to coach.  If you sign up to coach multiple teams, TYSL is offering $50 registration discounts for subsequent coaching signups. The discount applies to the head-coach only.  


If you sign up as a head-coach and you cannot fulfill the head-coach responsibilities, the discounted registration will be voided and you will need to make-up the difference in registration costs at the going rate.  Meaning if you withdrawal your coaching request and received the $25 discounted registration, you will need to send a check to TYSL for $25 if before June 1st and $50 if you decide you cannot coach after June 1st.   Your player registration will not be honored if you have not made up the registration difference upon deciding not to coach. 

Coaches Finger Printing 

You must be finger printed to coach or assist coach in our league.  







                     Tracy Field Hot-Line 

The City of Tracy has a Field Status hot-line that they update once a day--typically, after 3PM.  
​ You can check for field status and closures at
209 831-4222.   

TYSL and TUCSC have strict (reinforced) 

NO PET(s) and NO NOISE MAKER(s) policies.  

Please ensure your team/parents are informed and follow all league policies.  ​This is for everyone's safety, so please leave your pets at home. Thank you 

Coach Coordinator (Under 6)

Steve Cox

Coach Coordinator (U7 - U19)